Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Participants and your Representative

Navigating NDIS funding can be difficult but Queensland Plan Management are here to help. If your question has not been answered here, please contact us by clicking HERE or emailing

What can you spend your funding on?

If you believe a product is reasonable or necessary but it is not mentioned in your NDIS Plan, please complete the Reasonable and Necessary Form (link below).

To complete:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Select download and save to your preferred location.
  3. Open the form and complete.
  4. Click the button at the bottom of the email to send to us. This will prompt you to select your preferred email program and you can add any additional information to the email body and send as normal.

Reasonable and Necessary Form

Can I choose my own service provider?

If you are plan managed you have the ability to choose a service provider of your choice. This service provider does not need to be NDIS registered, however they must hold an ABN and follow the price controls of the NDIA as per the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue.

Is my funding flexible?

The only funding that is flexible within your plan is your Core funding. Your budgets can be adjusted accordingly between these categories to meet your goals as provided in your NDIS Plan.

Can I be reimbursed for consumables which I have paid for out of my own pocket?

If the consumable item relates directly to your disability approved by the NDIA, then yes you can be reimbursed for this item. You will need to provide proof of purchase to your plan manager in order for payment to be made.

Who controls my NDIS funds?

You do! Your NDIS Plan will tell you how much funding you will receive for each support but it’s your decision how funds are managed. With the NDIS you will always retain control over how, when and where your supports are provided.

How do I become plan managed?

Visit our page to find out how to become plan managed.

Is there any cost to me to be plan managed?

No. Being plan managed means no out of pocket expense to you. This service is funded by the NDIS. Visit our page to find out how to become plan managed.

Questions for NDIS Suppliers

This FAQ section will provide vendors with answers to frequently asked questions relating to the supply of goods and services to Plan Managed participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

If your question has not been answered here, please contact us by emailing

What does the NDIS fund?

The NDIS funds a range of supports which are deemed reasonable and necessary. These services may include: education, employment, social participation, independent living arrangements and health and wellbeing.

In order to be considered reasonable and necessary, a support or service:

  • must be related to a participant’s disability
  • must not include day-to-day living costs not related to the disability support needs, such as groceries
  • should represent value for money
  • must be likely to be effective and work for the participant, and
  • take into account support given by other government services, family, carers, networks and the community.
Do I need a service agreement before starting work?

The NDIA recommends having a written service agreement so participants and providers are clear about what each party has agreed to. Service agreements help make sure the participant and provider have the same expectations of what supports will be delivered and how they will be delivered.

When the participant is Plan Managed, meaning Queensland Plan Management pays their invoices, a copy of this agreement should be provided to us so we understand what you have both agreed to.

Be aware that the agreement is between the participant and the provider of goods and services, however we are unable to pay invoices that do not meet the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) criteria.

Talk to us if you do not understand the requirements; we want to help both the participant and provider to get it right up front.

What prices can be charged for goods and services?

The NDIA has set maximum charge rates for supports and services (and some goods) provided under the NDIS. Prices for supports are negotiated and agreed between a participant and provider however cannot exceed the maximum price limit published in the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue. NDIS goods and services do not attract any additional fee’s including credit card surcharges, ‘gap’ fees or late payment fees and in most cases are exempt from GST.

When a participant purchases goods and services the NDIA recommends that they consider the following when deciding on how much to pay for a support:

  • Value-for-money: Is the cost of the support reasonable when the participant considers what benefit they will get?
  • Quality: Is the quality of the support high and will it help the participant achieve their goals?
  • Quantity: How much support will the participant need for the length of their plan?
  • Budget: How much funding is available in the participants’ NDIS Plan and can they afford the amount of support needed within the budget?
Where can I find NDIS price limits and item codes?

The NDIS operates on a price per hour system for services and will not accept a single price for a job. These hourly price limits and service item codes can be found in the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue which is available on the NDIS website

Understanding the Price Guide and Support catalogue is the responsibility of the supplier and although we can help in some cases it is expected that the supplier operate their own business in a professional way. We can provide support and advice to suppliers; however we are contracted by the participant, therefore meeting their needs and our financial and legal responsibilities is our primary focus.

What information needs to be on my invoice?

Invoices need to be compliant to both the ATO and NDIS requirements. This means invoices must provide the following:

  • Must be labelled as a “Tax Invoice” if registered for GST or “Invoice” if not registered for GST
  • Vendors identity/business name and ABN/email address for payment remittance
  • Date the service was provided
  • Date the invoice was issued
  • The NDIS participants full name
  • A brief description of the good and/or service provided and the associated NDIS item code
  • The number of hours and hourly rate for services
  • Itemised pricing for goods
  • The GST amount, even if this amount is zero.

We have included a pdf template below to assist if required.

QPM Invoice Template for Vendors

Do I charge GST on NDIS services?

The Australian Government has outlined that the supply of services under the NDIS does not attract GST. This means that GST is not charged to participants nor is it paid by providers for most NDIS services. Further information regarding GST on services for NDIS participants can be found on the ATO website

What happens if my invoices don’t meet the NDIS or ATO requirements?

Incorrect invoices may result in a delayed payment as we are unable to pay any invoices that do not comply with the above requirements. We will attempt to contact you to rectify any issues.

Although it isn’t a legal requirement, it is a good idea to include your business contact (phone and email) details on your invoices.

When can I submit an invoice?

You can only submit an invoice for payment after the support or service has been delivered. We have included a pdf template below to assist if required.

QPM Invoice Template for Vendors

What happens if I provide a service that is not covered by the NDIS?

The Plan Manager will not be responsible for the payment of any services provided that are not covered by the NDIS. This is why it is important to ensure Service Agreements are in place and expectations and prices are set up front.

Payment is unable be made if the participant is not deemed eligible for a particular service or if the funding allocated for this type of support has already been expended.

How do I submit my invoices to Queensland Plan Management?

Wherever possible, invoices should be submitted via email to

We have included a pdf template below to assist if required.

QPM Invoice Template for Vendors

How and when will I be paid?

Queensland Plan Management will endeavour to make payment within 3 business days from submission of an invoice (providing that it meets all of the criteria listed above) and all payments are made via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Please ensure you have supplied us with your bank details and your email address to receive remittances.

How can I contact Queensland Plan Management?
Phone: 0477 963 304
Postal Address: PO Box 38
Kingaroy, QLD 4610